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Our high quality standards

normes de qualité élevées Capucin

Our accreditation with Health Canada

In 2006, Health Canada made a major tour of health food stores and demanded that all children’s products sold on shelves now be government approved. Being a young entrepreneur, Maril√®ne did not have the financial situation that would allow her to go ahead with this great challenge but still dared to take the necessary steps.

She met with a Logistics and Regulatory Affairs Advisor (DPSNSO) and decided to go ahead despite the lack of financial resources. 2 years later, all certifications were received on the 10 most popular homeopathic formulas and it was not without pride. Having a DIN-HM means that our product has been studied and accepted by Health Canada.

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Our laboratory 

By being approved by Health Canada, it is our responsibility to work with a reputable laboratory which is also accredited by Health Canada. We have chosen to work with Schmidt-Nagel in order to obtain the best possible quality in raw materials and in manufacturing. The Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory was founded in 1927 by doctor Pierre Schmidt and pharmacist Dora Nagel in Geneva, Switzerland. 

For more than 94 years, the Schmidt-Nagel Laboratory has dedicated its expertise to the development and improvement of homeopathic remedies and to innovation in the field of gemmotherapy, oligotherapy and phytotherapy. This expertise has enabled Schmidt-Nagel to become a leader in its field in Europe. In 2016, Laboratoire Schmidt-Nagel acquired the Quebec company “Homeodel Inc” which manufactures and markets a complete range of homeopathic and natural health products.¬†¬†

Our vision of natural vs medical health

Choosing to take care of your child naturally is a big decision. Sometimes, it’s at the end of the roll that we find ourselves at the Capucin since medicine has no more solutions. We have seen it since our very beginnings with cases of ear infections, asthma or any other problem repeatedly. Our vision of health is to treat as naturally as possible for the reasons we all know! Without side effects, effective and permanent since problems are solved at the source by finding the cause.¬†

However, it has always been very important for Maril√®ne and her team to work with common sense! Often, taking an antibiotic is necessary. The use of push-ups to improve a child’s breathing is essential depending on the child’s condition. Naturopathy does not replace medication and each treatment has its place depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced. ¬†

The complementarity of the 2 medicines is a winning recipe for the thousands of families who frequent Le Capucin and it is a source of pride for us to break the paradigms based on the fact that we have to choose one or the other of the health systems. The Capuchin has always endorsed both and considers that each has its strengths in the common objective of the well-being of the individual.

We bet on Nature’s Sunshine¬†

Why did we bet on a company so little known at the time? In 1996, Maril√®ne met Rh√©a Goudreau, naturopath, who introduced her to the benefits of Nature’s Sunshine products. A company that focuses on quality like no other company to date! Nature’s Sunshine keeps it simple, using only the cleanest, purest ingredients for your health. This means ingredients that are non-GMO, organic and regenerating as much as possible and rejecting anything that does not meet their tough standards, among the strictest in the industry. These standards mean they reject raw materials that others will use.¬†The effectiveness of natural and herbal supplements is based on their purity and their guarantee goes far beyond verifying the purity of their ingredients at their source.

Each of the products will therefore always have the same amount of active ingredients, thus ensuring consistency in effectiveness. This is why we can proudly certify that we use science to verify the best that nature has to offer.

They have also received several certifications that attest to their ability to safeguard purity during their production process.¬†Over the years, Maril√®ne has given several conferences and trainings for Nature’s Sunshine, including in Munich, Barcelona and Vancouver, not to mention the many courses and workshops she presents for the company throughout the year. over 25 years. Having bet on Nature’s Sunshine is a source of great pride for Le Capucin. Since quality and efficiency are a priority, we share fundamental values ‚Äč‚Äčwith their leaders and we are proud to represent them in Quebec and Ontario!