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Do you like to share your passion for health?

Are you a cloth diaper enthousiast?

Did you just discover something at the Capuchin and want to tell everyone about it?

The Affiliate program is for you!

Become a Capuchin Affiliate and be rewarded for your actions!

Since 1997, you have been telling your friends and family about us.  You share with them what you have discovered at Le Capucin and you spread the word about our products and services!  To thank you, and in recognition of your years of loyalty to us, Le Capucin has set up an affiliate program. 

This program will allow you to promote our products while earning money!¬† But seriously, why not?¬† It makes sense for us to finally be able to reward you for all the good words and referrals you’ve been giving us for a quarter of a century!¬†

This is not the rewards program that accumulates points on your purchases. It is an affiliate program for Capucin ambassadors who want to do good by spreading the word and treat themselves to cash rewards when their referrals lead to a sale at Capucin. 

Share & Make a Difference!

  1. Share a product (with your personalized link)
  2. Go make yourself a tall glass of water with chlorophyll 
  3. Share another link and enjoy the benefits of the program!

What are the benefits?

  • 10% discount on Le Capucin formulas approved by Health Canada as well as on essential oil formulas designed by Le Capucin. 5% discount will also be applied on all other products of the site (referred and concluded transactions)
  • If you are a licensed health care professional and a member of a professional association, many other natural products companies are eligible for the 10% rebate.
  • Dynamic banners for your social networks
  • 30-day follow-up period for referrals
  • Supervision and support from us
  • Detailed report of your sent links available online
  • Free, quick and easy registration.

You want to register?

Just fill in the information requested in the form below. Once approved, you’ll receive instructions so you can share without limit and earn your rewards! Interested?
Join our great mission to change the health care system for families, one family at a time!