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Our training classes are available in French only.

The Capucin Academy is an online training platform for natural health professionals and parents who wish to benefit from a wealth of teachings on naturopathy for children. Online, you’ll have the chance to receive advice from professional teachers such as: Marilène Fortin-Perreault, Céline Arsenault, Didier Gall, Hélène Maheux, Irène Duranleau, Lise Harbeck, Michel Turbide, Sylvie Bédard, Valérie Bélanger, Geneviève Héroux and Myriam Senay.

You can learn at your own pace, at any time. Our training courses are designed to meet your needs, whatever the challenge. The topics are diverse and open to different facets of daily life. You’ll learn about vaccination (reflection), nervous balance in children, the respiratory system, childhood illnesses, school disorders, toddler nutrition, infections and essential oils, vaccination according to our terrain, constitution and vital energy, the nervous system in children, viral, bacterial and fungal infections – aromatherapy, a choice to consider, 5G, aromatherapy and school-age children, blood groups, dietary re-education and essential oils in perinatal care.

Do you have questions or need private support? Contact us and we’ll be happy to offer you personalized solutions!

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