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Marilène Perreault N.D.

When you make an appointment with a naturopath, you’re making an appointment with yourself, with what’s most precious to you: your health…

In addition to being a family-friendly Eco-Boutique, Le Capucin is also a team of naturopaths and natural health consultants. Their role is to welcome you 7 days a week, whether on our social networks or in person during opening hours. Their mission is simple: to support you with our invaluable advice, but also with the support of nature through naturopathy and homeopathy.

Personalized follow-up is also possible thanks to private consultations with our experienced naturopaths. In order to be able to help you properly, several areas of naturopathy are involved. Whether using Bach flowers, trace elements, Chinese medicine, gemmotherapy, homeopathy or essential oils, our advice remains focused on natural health.

As we don’t practice medicine, we never make diagnoses. However, our natural health advice will help improve certain symptoms that are linked to many health problems. As our philosophy is to act on the causes of various disorders developed by the body, we provide advice to help you improve your balance. We also work closely with other health professionals such as chiropractors and osteopaths.

Insurance receipts are also issued by our qualified naturopaths. We ensure personalized follow-up with each and every one of our little Capuchins. This is an essential value for the entire team at your favorite boutique: Le Capucin.


With Le Capucin, advice comes naturally!

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