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Capucin’s Recommandations

Brands Marilène loves

As a naturopath for children, I’m concerned about the environment that impacts your children’s health. Waves, pollution of all kinds, the quality of food and … water! By choosing to drink quality water, we avoid the risk of overloading the body, especially the urinary system, with the waste products commonly found in tap water, such as heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics and others.

I like to support socially responsible companies dedicated to protecting water. Berkey is a Canadian company run by a woman with a clear passion and expertise in water quality.


Our president and founder, Marilène Perreault, and her family have been using SafeSleeve protection for their cell phones and tablets for several years.

She often repeats that we’ll know the effects of all these waves on nerve and cell health in the future, so it’s best to protect yourself now.

We can’t completely avoid the radiation caused by the electronic devices around us, but we can minimize the impact of electromagnetic waves by wrapping your products in SafeSleeve¬ģ cases.